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Prescreen Your Applicants Better with Interviewer.AI

Interviewer.AI is an AI-powered video recruiting software which helps you pre-screen candidates before scheduling them for face-to-face interviews. When you’re sifting through countless resumes from potential candidates, suddenly the frustration of ABC’s The Bachelor feels very real. (“Screw it, everyone gets a rose! Wait…”) Handsorting hires and interviewing every single applicant across weeks of company time is a logistical nightmare. Want a method that’s simpler, faster, and more confidential than outsourcing a hiring firm? Meet the newest member of your recruiting team, Interviewer.AI.

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Host Virtual Classes and More with Mastera

Mastera is an all-in-one teaching platform that gives you all the tools you need to host and manage live classes, videos, programs, subscriptions, customers, and your website. You’ve got a ton of insights and wisdom that would be super valuable to share with others. (“I’ve calculated the ideal bagel to cream cheese ratio for the perfect bite.”) But monetizing that knowledge means having to piece together tons of different tools to sell your video content and digital products online. You need a teaching platform that can do it all: host your video content, manage marketing, processes payments, and everything in between. Say hello to Mastera.

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Save Time Video Editing with Wisecut

Wisecut is a video editing software that uses AI and voice recognition to edit videos for you, automatically creating jump cuts, subtitles, and more. Let’s be real: you didn’t create a YouTube channel because you love editing hours of footage. (“Bad news, we need to refilm everything. Good news, the blooper reel is gonna be fire.”) You know you should be brainstorming and creating engaging content, but the editing process is eating into your entire workflow. If only you could get back all the time you spend video editing, so you can focus on what you do best: making awesome content. Say hello to Wisecut.

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Get Automatic Transcription & Subtitles with Amberscript

Amberscript is a transcription and subtitling tool that uses amazingly accurate AI engines to automatically convert your audio or video to text and subtitles. Manually transcribing your audio and video can feel a whole lot like a cruel punishment. (“I’ll take the boulder if Sisyphus can handle the captions on this 40-minute video.”) You could get someone else to do it, but it’ll cost a pretty penny and take just as long to complete. Luckily, there’s an AI-powered platform that automatically generates transcripts and subtitles from your audio or video, making your content way more accessible. Meet Amberscript.

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Transform Webinars, Blogs, and More Into Social Videos with Pictory

Pictory uses AI to convert your long-form content into engaging, digestible videos that you can share on across social media platforms. Create short social videos from long-form content in just minutes with a smart AI solution You know you’ve got valuable long-form content, but getting your audience to watch a 60-minute webinar is like getting a kid to eat broccoli. (“Choo-choo! Here comes the content!”) If only there was a tool that let you breathe new life into your long-form content and transform ‘em into bite-sized, shareable videos. Introducing Pictory.

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