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Building up trust with leads is hard. (It’s not like kindergarten where you become best friends just because you shared a periwinkle crayon.)
To boost your chances of actually getting a reply, standard emails just won’t cut it—no matter how many exclamation points you use.
Easily send high-resolution personalized videos to your leads with a video delivery solution that helps you stand out in the inbox and track your success.
Meet Quickpage.

About Quickpage :
– Create and send personalized videos, images, documents, and testimonials via email and text
– Develop trackable pages with live notifications to see who’s played your video and when
– Best for: Salespeople and teams looking to boost lead engagement, shorten their sales cycle, and nurture customer relationships

Short of giving them free tacos and money, there’s no better way to show a lead or customer you care than by sending a personalized video message.
Quickpage makes it easy to record, upload, and send video messages by email or text, letting you quickly gain trust with your audience.
You’ll be able to build out an entire slider of content for your prospects, so you can introduce yourself and your services in a genuine and personalized way.
Record, upload, and attach a variety of media, including personal video, screen share video, evergreen content videos, images, documents, PDFs, YouTube videos, and more.

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