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Working with a limited marketing budget can feel like trying to MacGyver your way into success. (If only you could create winning social campaigns with two paperclips and a stick of gum.)

But when you make marketing decisions based on data-driven insights, you’re able to get more out of your budget—no matter how limited it may be.

Ready to capture and track data in a meaningful way, so you can run your marketing campaigns like a pro?

Enter Funnelll.

About Funnelll

– Set up lead tracking visually without any code, and distribute events across your marketing and analytics tools
– Integrate with your favorite marketing tools—Google, Facebook, and more—in one click while Funnelll handles the installation
– Alternative to: Facebook Analytics, Google Tag Manager/Data Studio, and CustomerLabs CDP

While guessing can be fun when it comes to Christmas gifts or The Masked Singer, it can have costly consequences when it comes to your marketing efforts.

Funnelll takes the guesswork out of marketing campaigns by helping you identify which marketing activities are working and adjust your strategy for best results.

Make the customer journey your secret weapon.

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