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While Rihanna has a special gift for making work (…work, work, work, work ♫) appealing, most of us want to work smarter, not harder.

That’s especially true when it comes to the tedious process of creating and managing social media ads.

If you’re looking for a smarter, faster way to create ads and automate the boring parts of ad management, there’s a tool you need to meet.

Introducing ADYOUNEED.


– Meet your audience where they are by creating agency-quality ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google

– Put audience testing on autopilot and save time with Audience Finder A.I.

– Best for: Marketing agencies and social media managers that want to streamline their social media ads processes

ADYOUNEED makes it easy to create high-quality ads quickly, without the tears and screaming (but feel free to express yourself however you like).

The tool brings major ad channels—Facebook, Instagram, and Google—together in one application for an uninterrupted workflow.

With Guided Creation or Smart Creation, you’ll be on your way to creating an effective ad in just a few minutes, regardless of whether you’ve created an ad in the past.

Need help with your Google Ads? You can even enjoy fully automated Dynamic Search Ads just by adding a link to your website.

ADYOUNEED makes finding the right audience quick and painless by using artificial intelligence to create several ad audiences based on just two target interests.

The Audience Finder A.I. will find the best-performing match within three to five days, so you don’t waste money on audiences that don’t convert.

Plus, with Advanced Campaign Creation, you can combine 10 different ads with 10 audiences to create up to 100 split tests in a fraction of the time.

You’ll be able to find the ads that work best for your ideal audiences while saving time and money spent on ads that just don’t perform. (“Nix the dancing sharks for this ad.”)

Running paid social ads means you’ve got to deal with a lot of raw data, which can be overwhelming for even the savviest marketers. (“Oh, great! More numbers to look at.”)

ADYOUNEED’s dashboard makes your ad data easier to digest with breakdowns, charts, and graphs that are easy on the eyes.

You’ll get a bird’s-eye view of crucial data like clicks, cost per click, and click-through rate.

When your data is a cinch to understand, you can make smarter decisions about your social media ad campaigns.

ADYOUNEED is jam-packed with features to make your life easier, like a real A.I. for optimization.

The tool also integrates with Canva, allowing you to edit and design scroll-stopping ads within the platform, without relying on a graphic designer.

You can even create sub-accounts and turn on dark mode to reduce your eye-strain (because wearing sunglasses in the office was a bit extra).

Managing your social media ads is one of the many jobs you never considered you’d have back when you were posting cat photos on Twitter in ’08. (“We’re now hiring a Chief Meme Officer.”)

But with ADYOUNEED, you’ll optimize the way you create ads, find your target audiences, run split tests, and so much more.

Give your paid ads the love they need.

Get lifetime access to ADYOUNEED today!

Get lifetime access to ADYOUNEED today!