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The only thing harder than filming engaging video content is editing through hours of “raw” footage. (“Why did I record 20 takes of me saying ‘This soda is poppin’?”)

But when you’re growing your brand, you need to churn out awesome videos on a consistent schedule.

You need a tool that can streamline the video creation process and help you focus on your brand’s greater vision.

Introducing Moovly.

About This :
– Get an intuitive drag-and-drop editor with millions of assets to create videos, video presentations, and video templates
– Ensure brand alignment with user hierarchies and customizable video settings
– Best for: Teams of marketers and online communicators looking to boost their video creation process with a collaborative flow

With Moovly, you get an intuitive online video creation studio that lets you easily share and co-create content with your team.

To help you level up your video content for your audience, Moovly’s audio-to-subtitle feature lets you instantly add subtitles to your videos and audio.

Plus, because you definitely want to grow your brand across the globe (“Bonjour, mon ami!”), you can also automatically translate subtitles using the integrated Google Translate feature.

Moovly makes it easy for you to upload your own media: you can record your webcam, screen, and voice.

And if you want your videos to have a professional voice-over (think: the movie trailer guy who goes, “In a world…”), you can use the integrated text-to-speech functionality.

Best of all, Moovly gives you access to millions of stock media assets, including video, images, audio, and cartoons.

Not being on the same page as your team can be the worst. (“Again, why did we rent two mules for this video?”)

That’s why Moovly offers the ability to create shared libraries and galleries.

You’ll be able to build and store your own videos, video clips, templates, and video presentations all in one place.

Thanks to these group features, your team can work together in harmony, maintain your brand’s vision guidelines, and continuously generate high-quality content.

Moovly’s self-management back-office tool lets you organize users into groups, explore analytics, and establish company branding.

Groups have common media libraries, fonts, colors, and templates and it’s a breeze to add or remove media objects.

As the admin of your group, you can ensure 100% brand alignment by organizing your video settings.

That means you’ll be able to quickly create brand-aligned content based on your company’s own multimedia assets.

Making a great video takes more than a tripod and a ring light. (Ham horns are also key.)

Thanks to Moovly’s collaborative flow, simple drag-and-drop editor, and advanced customization features, building awesome brand-aligned video content has never been so painless.

Fast-track your video creation process and grow your brand with just a few clicks.

Get lifetime access to Moovly today!

Get Lifetime Access to Moovly Today!