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Training people in a way that supports learning retention can be challenging. (Ask us if we still remember the difference between eukaryotes and prokaryotes from high school biology.)
If you want to retain customers and employees, then you’ve got to make sure they have adequate onboarding.
Looking for a simple way to create an interactive learning experience in your own online academy?
Meet Acadle.

About Acadle :
* Create an interactive learning experience for your students, customers, partners, and employees
* Keep learners engaged by launching quizzes and issuing completion certificates
* Best for: HR professionals, coaches, and managers who want to create an effective interactive learning experience

Class is in session, folks. With Acadle, you can quickly build a customized, white-labeled online academy with unlimited courses, lessons, and resources.
The advanced course builder allows you to drag-and-drop media files and images to your courses—no tech skills needed. (TBT to teachers fumbling with the Smart Board.)

Get started with pre-built modules you can customize to create your lessons and launch your course quickly and easily.
Want to transfer the structure or content of an existing course to a new course? You can use the clone feature to build or duplicate courses instantly.
Acadle allows you to white-label your entire academy with a custom domain and your branding to create a seamless user experience.
You’ll be able to build a white-labeled user login page by customizing a pre-built template with your brand colors and logo.

When designing your lessons, you can group your lessons inside the course to structure content just the way you want it.
Schedule live courses that users can subscribe to or drip lessons over time, locking and unlocking lessons to provide periodic access.
Trainings are only effective if your students, customers, or employees are engaged during the learning process (i.e., not falling asleep or shopping for raw denim jeans in another window).
Create interactive lessons with customized quizzes that let you analyze how much people are learning while keeping them focused on the material.

You can also use pre-built certificate templates to create certificates of completion, giving your users the satisfaction of knowing they’ve progressed toward their goals.
Acadle also integrates with third-party tools that let you customize your courses and make them even more interactive.
No customer or employee should be left behind in the learning process.
That’s why Acadle lets you keep an eye on your students and monitor their progress through the course on the User dashboard.

Get insights on individual students, including which modules and activities they’ve completed, so that you can check in and take action to help those who might be struggling.
With all the information out there just waiting to be learned, everybody’s a student these days. (“I’m thinking of picking up extreme gardening.”)

Acadle gives you all the tools you need to teach them with your own white-labeled online academy.
You’ll onboard new customers, keep employees up to date on their training, and transform the way you market your business.
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