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Branding guidelines are supposed to be living documents.

But it’s easy to forget to update them, which makes things challenging when you’re bringing new team members up to speed. (“No more guidelines, just go off the ‘vibe’…”)

Imagine if creating a brand guidelines website was as simple as entering a URL and making updates, only taking a few more clicks to share with your team.

Meet 1Brand.

About 1Brand :
– Create dynamic, custom branding guidelines and quickly export them to a PDF
– Organize colors and fonts with tags and automatic color model translations, plus create all logo file formats with one upload
– Best for: Marketing and UX agencies that want to provide more client value with unified branding guidelines

Gone are the days of tediously assembling brand guidelines, only to have to update them again sooner rather than later. (It’s like Jenga, but not fun at all!)

1Brand automates brand guideline creation, letting you scale your processes, save time, and add client value with guidelines that are a cinch to share.

Handle all your brand guidelines with one tool.

Get lifetime access to 1Brand today!

Get lifetime access to 1Brand today!